Offering a haven for dance music connoisseurs with no boundaries, Minimal Effort returns to Los Angeles on October 28th with a firm promise to produce an extravagant soirée in an au courant venue that will be transformed to house thousands of revelers with distinction.

On top of finding a fitting brand-new home, Minimal Effort’s focuses remained on its lineup, assembling a roster of A-class talent spanning the gamut of electronic music’s various frontiers. Showcasing a disparate selection of soundscapes, from playa tech to deep house, by way of G-house and techno, Minimal Effort’s All Hallow’s Eve artists embody the diversity the brand has become so well known for.

With that in mind, we have selected 13 key sets for you to listen to, one each from the list of selectors chosen for this year’s Minimal Effort Halloween rendition.

So, crank up the volume, buckle up and get ready for a long journey. Oh and a piece of advice: you may want to warn your co-workers in advance about the chair-dancing they’re about to witness, or maybe your neighbors about the goodness they’re about to hear. We warned ya!

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