London’s award-winning, resolutely independent DJ/producer/artist and Minimal Effort: NYE Special Guest Maya Jane Coles recently returned to the scene with a new music video for “Darkside” directed by The Fashtons – the third single to be taken from her critically acclaimed sophomore album Take Flight.

Having set the scene by directing the stunning video for “Weak”, London-based directing duo The Fashtons return to create the next chapter “Darkside”, doing so with a team of close friend artists. Real names Ben Ashton and Fiona Garden, take the viewer deep into the same meticulously crafted subconscious realm that we saw a glimpse of in “Weak”.

Ben Ashton explains his use of the Polyhedron environment in the video:

“Polyhedric shapes are beautifully simple but remarkably stable structures – the perfect blend of art and mathematics. The polyhedron we used in this project is called an Icosidodecahedron – I’m particularly drawn to the star shapes that you can see around the pentagons, and if you look at it from a different angle you can see a skull shape.”

Ben based the masks that we see throughout the video on portraits of people who Maya has collaborated with. Ben Says:

“I took a facial element of each of the subjects, like the eyes from one person, the mouth from another, to use as a base. I then let my imagination run freely in several different directions at once. Each mask represents a different element of Maya’s subconscious so the more weird and wonderful they are the better. I was particularly interested in putting masks onto the masks as it struck me as meta, layers on layers.”

From playing the world’s greatest venues, supporting Depeche Mode, releasing mix compilations for DJ Kicks and Fabric Live, remixing The XX, Ella Fitzgerald, Bonobo, leading campaigns for Doc Martens, and being sampled for Nicki Minaj’s mega hit ‘Truffle Butter’, Maya Jane Coles is the independent artist at the very summit of her game. We are excited to be welcoming her as our special guest for our upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations at The MacArthur.

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